Gatlinburg SkyLift Park to SkyPark Gif


New Name, Same Amazing Views

The SkyPark is excited to announce the transition to our new name, The Gatlinburg SkyPark! The SkyLift has been a staple attraction in Gatlinburg since we opened our doors in 1954, and it has been featured in our name from the beginning. Although it will no longer be featured in our name, the SkyLift isn't going anywhere! 

So don't worry, we may have a new name, but we are still Gatlinburg's original attraction, and we are still the best way to enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains from Downtown Gatlinburg!

Our Name

The transition to SkyPark is an exciting one, because this new name will better encompass all of the exciting things that will be coming to our attraction in the years to come. The SkyLift, and the World Famous SkyBridge are just the beginning, and we want our name to be inclusive to all the new fun that will be on top of the mountain as we continue to grow!

SkyPark Logo

Our Logo

The logo has evolved through the years, this change represents the next milestone in the history of the Gatlinburg SkyPark. We are dropping "lift" from our name to embrace new development and growth of the attraction.