The Tulip Tower

Climb to new heights on the Tulip Tower!

Climb The Tulip Tower

The Tulip Tower is a 70' steel tower set in the back of the ravine. Access the tower by two rope bridges. There are four elevated viewing platforms.  Each level has a theme with a special story.  Enjoy a unique view of the Smokies and the iconic SkyBridge.  This is an adventure for all ages! 

Did You Know?

The Tulip Poplar Tree is the state tree of Tennessee. The Tulip Tower is in memory of the sole Tulip Poplar Tree that survived after the Gatlinburg Wildfires in 2016. 

Each level of the Tulip Tower offers amazing views and interesting stories about the flora and fauna of the Smoky Mountain region. We would tell you more about it but we want you to come see it for yourself. The stories are for all ages to learn and enjoy as you climb up each level! 

The Tulip Tower is currently open for Day Time Use Only.


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