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Save your fall pumpkins and drop them off the SkyBridge to support Sevier County Food Ministries.

Pumpkin Drop

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    November 4, 2023
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    Gatlinburg SkyPark

The Pumpkin Drop is back! 

In 2019 we hosted our first ever Pumpkin Drop to raise money to support the Sevier County Food Ministries, and we are so excited to announce that, after a short break, this event is back! 

On Saturday November 4th, 2023, guests at the Gatlinburg SkyPark will have the oppurtunity to cross the SkyBridge and drop a pumpkin off the SkyBridge into the valley below. Something so simple as this can be so much fun, and it goes to suppot a great organization in our community!

To participate in the Pumpkin Drop, each guest will need to submit a donation of at least $5 to the Sevier County Food Ministries. We will have a booth on site for regristation and to collect donations, cash or card! Registration will begin at 11:30AM with the Pumpkin Drop taking place at 1:00PM. 

Guests are welcome to save your fall or Halloween pumpkins and bring them to to pumpkin drop, but the SkyPark will also be providing pumpkins to guests who do not bring one!

*Please note, if you arrive with your own pumpkin you will still need to submit a donation of at least $5 to the Sevier County Food Ministries to participate.*